The United States of America is home to the dumbest people on the planet.

We are poor because of a lack of knowledge and understanding.

Do you really know about money? How dose it work? Who really controls the money you make? Do you really know the who, what, when, where and how your tax money goes? 

Those that truly have shown loyalty, duty and honor to American ideals and principles are routinely forgotten by those they have tried to uplift and erased by those they challenged.  


The people of America are the worst bosses. They cant handle the business of holding those that work for them accountable.

I'm sorry people but you cant just sit on the sidelines any more and expect everything to be perfect. History shows that greatness has been bestowed on many nations that rose and fell, no matter their achievements. 

Thaddeus Stevens    Benjamin Wade 

These great men sought to guide and give tools that oppressed people could utilize to uplift themselves and America. We seldom take time to educate ourselves about those who stood for the oppressed when they themselves could not.

You Must Start Locally

Find out who is the person accountable. Tell others in the area to contact that person. If the job is not done FIRE them.

Power is possession of control, authority, or influence over others.

vote; voting

This is true POWER. If i have 1 cent and another has 1 million we are still equal because one person = one vote. Why is this important? Rich or poor, black  or white or other equal.  WANT CHANGES TO HAPPEN VOTE!

Coming Soon: Black Baby a real American hero.

Its all quiet at the all New, Bama Nuclear Power Plant. Ellis J. Lee is beaming with pride as he walks around the spotless control room. Everyone is at their consoles "weeh weeeh weeeeh weeeeh weeeeh!" an alarm sounds. The senior technical assistant yells "Sir, we have a meltdown in the reactor, its going critical."


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